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Production Update

Way back in September 2022 when the Queen died and Britain had a revolving door of Prime Ministers I headed out to Ethiopia to start preparing to shoot The People Below. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong; a ceasefire had been called in Ethiopia's recent civil war when I arrived but a week before we were due to start shooting fighting broke out again resulting in increased security troops everywhere and a ban on foreign journalists and anyone filming content within the country. Leila (our producer and cinematographer) was held at the airport for 2 days and once we finally got her released all our audio equipment she brought with her was held until her flight back. We had to shoot all are exterior scenes in secret with family friends keeping watch for passing soldier patrols. But despite all this we completed the shoot and it wouldnt have been possible without the support and commitment of Leila, the generosity of my aunt Elenie Semuingies and the enthusiasm and energy of my actors Million and Ruth.

Nebiu x

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